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Semiconductor Fabrication

 To think that, based on SEMI’s numbers and an average in-process value of $1000 per-wafer, each day the Gigafab starts over $3M worth of inventory. Just a 5% reduction in production cycle-time would bring nearly $20M back to the balance sheet and save nearly $4M in annual inventory holding costs. 

Dale DeHart
President, Equation1

Vortex™ can help reduce cycle-times, costs, and inventories by applying breakthrough time-based demand-pull technology. By pulling production through the wafer fab, instead of pushing it as is the current state-of-the art, we are able to automatically balance the most challenging of workflows.

Costs are reduced through a combination of overhead reduction (remember that meeting you had this morning to decide which lots would be moved today?), yield improvement (cycle-time reduction = yield increase), and inventory holding costs.

Vortex™ enables alerts based on customized thresholds and notifies about inventory imbalances, production goals, and die delivery misses. This gives management and operators increased situational awareness, reassurance that production is continually monitored, and optimized production dispatching.

Unique Challenges

Re-entrant Workflows

The hallmark of the semiconductor process is the re-entrant workflow. Everything revolves around the photolithography process and other re-entrant processes. Vortex™ is the first demand-pull solution that is workflow-agnostic and designed for this incredibly challenging environment.

$$$$ Tools that Cannot be Starved

Shutting down a stepper is a great way to get management attention, in a very bad light. Vortex™’s unique dispatching system assures that tool-driven prioritization methods are honored in the dispatching process. The result is higher machine utilization and reduced queuing.

Factory-wide Maintenance Windows

Maintenance shutdowns are the bane of the production planning process, but Vortex™ helps to model deliveries around planned shutdown periods to assure that key delivery schedules are met.

Need for Lead Time Reduction

Time-to-market is a key differentiator and driver of profitability in the manufacturing industry. Why wait for a slow market to reduce factory lead times? What would be the profit impact if you could reduce your cycle time by 10%? 20%? 50%? Doing it while times are good will improve market share and boost the bottom line and we will help that happen with our proprietary technology coupled with AI. The digital age is making the impossible, possible!

Our Process

Where We Fit


Vortex™ fits between the major subsystems in the enterprise and passes information back and forth through an industry-standard API. This way all systems are aware of the activities and location of work-in-process.
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